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WASHIGRAPHY is an art brand founded by Shunsai Yonemura, a Kyoto-based photographer. He prints photos on washi(=traditional Japanese paper) and pursue Japanese beauty.

After taking casual daily scenery and beautiful landscapes of Japan, he prints them on sensitive, highly qualified Japanese traditional paper "washi" and expresses what he feels as Japanese beauty.




Shunsai Yonemura is a photographer. He lives in Kyoto, Japan. For some time, he was absorbed in creating black-and-white photographic works, fascinated by the simple photography which expresses his world only with black and white colors. He thought the very moment to shoot is exactly the ultimate art. It's just the time when intuition, and something like music are swirled. Though he views firmly on the subject, he feels it can't be captured only in the visual. It is his fundamental idea for the photo, and hasn't been changed. He was once involved in bridal shooting as a professional. He continued to take bridal snapshots on the weekends, mainly in Tokyo for about 15 years. It was a hard job which required physical strength, and concentration at the same time. There was a point in time where he realized that the shooting side of photography, cleared his mind, and created a sincerely warm atmosphere., The numerous photos at that time are telling it honestly. In harmony with the subject, he can create its facial expression which is sensitive, and full of bliss. The idea of harmony is the precious treasure he got then, also with his shooting skills. Later on by some kind of fate, he moved to Kyoto. While he was taking photos around there, he found some inspiration to print a photo on Japanese paper. He especially uses mulberry paper which is made of intertwined long fibers, and it is more durable than normal paper. He is fascinated by its distinctive texture, and beauty of it. He says that to print photos on Japanese paper is like a mysterious feeling when he created black-and-white photographic works. Kyoto is a beautiful city where Japanese traditional culture is condensed with nature of the four seasons. Shrines and temples, old town atmosphere, gardens and so on. It is countless. As to harmonize Japanese beauty with the charm of Japanese paper, he continues to challenge himself in the world of photography.

写真家、米村俊茈(Shunsai Yonemura)。京都市在住。白黒写真制作に没頭する時期があった。白と黒だけで自分の見た世界を表現する写真に魅力を覚えた。撮影するまさにその瞬間が究極の芸術だと思った。被写体をしっかり見るけれど、視覚だけでは捕らえられない直感と何かしら音楽のようなものが渦巻く時間。今でも変わらない、彼の写真に対する基本的な考え方だ。



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